The vision

Australia is known for its clean green image, however, with plastic waste continuing to pose a major threat to our environment, it is time for Australian businesses to get proactive. Our parent company, RCN Express Global has long been committed to investing and working towards reducing negative environmental impacts. This includes developing new ways to increase efficiency, lower energy consumption and material use, as well as managing our overall footprint.

In 2016, RCN Express Global committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 20% by 2020. The key areas of investment were energy efficiency (including development of solar farms), water efficiency, protection of the environment and the improvement of natural resource management. By 2017, RCN Express Global had already reached the goal of cutting carbon emissions by 20%. Given this result, we then agreed to an additional 20% decrease by 2020.

RCN Express Australia, will be pursuing our own sustainability vision locally.  

Consider these benefits



RCN Express satchels - Good for you, great for the environment

Did you know our satchels are now made from 80% recycled material? That means for every 10 satchels produced, 8 are made from post-consumer waste that would have gone to landfill. By making the change to use the eco-responsible Enviro 80 material in our postage satchels, RCN Express has already prevented over 5,000 kilograms of new plastic from entering the environment.

You can help us help the environment by recycling the satchels we deliver. Simply take them to a soft plastics recycling station, like the ones found at many supermarkets. To find your local recycle collection point, please visit x Together, we can make a difference. 


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